Pyum! Ping Pong Shooter Game

Pyum! Ping Pong Shooter Game

NGU apps January 07, 2014 Casual
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A game in which you have to defeat your opponent by scoring goals and shooting it. Game for one or two players.
Move your paddle by moving your mobile phone and try to score goals while you try to avoid the opponent bullets. You can use your bullets to give more speed to the ball!
The game become harder and harder while you advance in it! Try to get the best score by passing the most number of levels and scoring as many goals as you can! Enjoy the game!
Now you can play vs one friend in your android device using your touchscreen! Challenge your friends and beat them!
tags: pyum, paddle, table, tennis, ping, pong, ball, addictive, bullet, shot, shoot, multiplayer, two players, 2 players
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